E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 2, Issue 6, 2022

Participatory scaling-up demonstration of improved Rhodes grass forage with full package in low land area of South Omo Zone, Southern Ethiopia

Author(s): Hando Dilamo Adila


Participatory popularization and pre-scaling up of Rhodes grass production technology was undertaken in agro-pastoralist area under irrigated condition in Dassenech woreda of South Omo Zone during 2018/19 cropping season. Agro-pastoralists research and extension group (PREG) formation, participant agro-pastorals selection and provision of training were undertaken prior to the implementation of actual demonstration of the activity. Land preparation, sowing and overall agronomic management practices were undertaken based on the agronomic recommendation. All activities of Rhodes grass sowing and management were undertaken by participant agro-pastoralists and the members of PREG with frequent monitoring and follow up of researchers jointly with key stakeholders. Participatory on-farm field performance evaluation and organization of field visit were undertaken to collect agro-pastoralists’ feedbacks and perception towards the Rhodes grass technology. The participant agro pastoralists were preferred the improved Rhodes grass species for it’s being highly preferred by animals and good field performance of fresh biomass yield, repeated harvest, ease to establishment, early maturity and disease/pest resistance attributes in the area. Biomass data was also collected to estimate the contribution of fresh biomass yield to the dry matter requirement and supplements of feed for animals in the area. Besides, the average fresh biomass yield of 51.25 t/ha was obtained. Therefore, further disseminating and popularizing technology to agro pastorals/ pastorals would have visible contribution to improve natural pasture through cut and carry system by reducing frequency to grazing.

Keywords: Biomass Yield, Demonstration, Popularization, Pre-Scaling

Pages: 96-100

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