E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 2, Issue 6, 2022

The Bosnian Chardaklia House: The Ejubovic Family House in the Poljice Village Near Tuzla

Author(s): Ahmet Hadrovic


The bosnian chardaklia house occupies a prominent place in the wide array of bioclimatic architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With regard to its spatial organization, construction, materialization and equipment of its interior spaces, the bosnian chardaklia house is the most authentic expression of the natural and social environment of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the complex phenomenon of its man and his primary social community - the family. Built from natural materials taken on site, carefully situated in the natural environment, designed according to the conditions of the natural environment, this house is an example of bioclimatic architecture. In the wide range of her architectural-spatial solutions, her most developed type anticipates the 'family in its growth and development', from numerous 'nuclear' families to several families 'under one roof' derived from the nuclear family.

The Ejubovic family house in the Poljice village near Tuzla, in terms of its spatial organization and equipment, is a transitional form from the typical bosnian chardaklia house to modern concepts of the spatial organization of family houses in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this sense, it is a good example for following the evolution of family houses in Bosnia and Herzegovina, from archaic solutions to modern houses.

Keywords: Bosnian Chardaklia House, Poljice Village Near Tuzla, Ejubovic Family

Pages: 346-353

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