E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 2, Issue 6, 2022

Comparative analysis of customer service culture at Maplebear Canada International Kindergarten and Kinder Academy

Author(s): Tran Huu Ai, Dinh Nguyet Bich, Nguyen Le Vuong Ngoc, Nguyen Anh Phuc


Currently, to evaluate a good preschool for children is not merely a place with full facilities, cool, spacious, but also to ensure advanced educational programs, diverse development curriculum, for children to play to learn, learn to play. Modern preschool education is increasingly focusing on children to let them have fun in their own way. Helps to develop children's thinking ability and creativity. In addition, school must also be a place for children to experience life skills and develop both physically and mentally. Parents and society increasingly expect their children to develop and catch up with the world's children. That requires preschool educational institutions to build an educational environment with modern and advanced learning programs and a team of professional teachers. Preschool teachers need to update the innovations in teaching to create the best environment for children. Not only babysitting and teaching children like before, now every teacher has to cultivate knowledge to become a true artist. Good pedagogical skills so that children can freely share their thoughts. Let children see the teacher as a true friend. To bring good results in early childhood education requires teachers to have higher skills and be able to implement learning plans for students. This also needs to reinforce the trend of professionalization in preschool education. Special education programs need to have a team of professional teachers who are regularly trained, ensuring that teachers are fully understood and updated with the best development. In addition, teaching aids and equipment need to be invested and prepared to best support children's learning to catch up with the current 4.0 trend. And two international preschools MapleBear Canada and Kinder Academy have met those conditions. The study below is a comparison of two preschools so that people can better understand the two schools and can make the best choice.

Keywords: Preschool, Customer Service, International School, Service Culture

Pages: 429-436

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