E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 2, Issue 6, 2022

Water and Man: The Zepa on the Drina River

Author(s): Ahmet Hadrovic


The Zepa (Zepa) settlement is located in the Rogatica municipality (Geographical coordinates: 43º57'13.13''N, 19º07'57.61''E, elevation: 474 m). It is about 42 km from Rogatica, about 52 km from Visegrad, and about 87 km from Sarajevo (by air). The name of the settlement Zepa (Zepa) probably comes from the name of the river Zepa (Zepa) that flows through this settlement or towards the mountain Zep (Zep), which is located northwest of this settlement. It is known that this name is mentioned in an Ottoman defter from 1485. It is a summary list, made some 20 years after the area came under Ottoman administration, where, along with the names of some other villages (Slap, Podzeplje, Ljubomislje, for example), Zepa (Zepa) is also mentioned. The aim of this work is to present an exceptional geographical area that illustrates the relationship of man to the 'natural environment' and his 'spiritual heritage', which is expressed by special physical structures: the Vratar Old Town- fortress, the Bridge on the Zepa river, Redzep Pasha's Tower and a large number of public fountain ('cesme'). The topics are elaborated according to the scientific methodology that is covered in the author's book: Hadrovic, A. (2007). Defining Architectural Space on the Model of the Oriental Style CityHouse in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia, Booksurge, LLC, North Charleston, SC, USA.

Keywords: Zepa, Rijeka Zepa, Rijeka Drina, Sustainability

Pages: 505-515

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