E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2021

Henoch-Scholein purpura [Leucocytoclastic Vasculitis]: A case report

Author(s): T Vineela


Henoch-scholein purpura is an immune mediated disorder characterized by involving vasculitis of blood vessels leads to inflammation and bleeding. Symptoms include abdominal pain, muscle and joint pain, fever, poor appetite, fatigue. The presence of skin rash is main symptom of leucocytoclastic vasculitis. HSP can affect people in any age but most of cases is seen among children. It is more common in both boy and girls. The exact cause of HSP is unknown, as the disease is immune mediated the immune system is believed to play a major role in targeting the blood vessels. Diagnosis of HSP is very clear when symptoms are seen in patient. When the diagnosis is uncertain biopsy is done. There is no specific treatment NSAIDS, corticosteroids is given. Here we present a 7yrs old female with complaints of fever, rash and joint pains. Biopsy report revealed leucocytoclastic vaculitis. The child was treated with corticosteroids, antibiotic syrup, PPI’S, acetaminophen syrup, dermadew lotion.

Keywords: HSP [Henochscholeinpurpura], Vasculitis, Immune-Mediated, Biopsy

Pages: 7-9

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