E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2021

E-purchasing and global outsourcing for the library of Van Hien University

Author(s): Stanislaw Borkowski, Hoang Tien Nguyen, Boleslaw Rafal Kuc


Along with the development of universities and colleges in the world, the school library has long approved its position in the teaching and learning of teachers, students and students. Realizing that the School library has a positive impact on a variety of School activities, including grades and the ability of students, students, and faculty to learn independently and expand their knowledge in the classroom of school. A rich library of quality documents, lectures, journals, etc. will lead to students, students and faculty members coming to the library more consciously and diligently, which will lead to student learning results, students are better, lecturers' lectures are more thoughtfully prepared. Electronic procurement and global sourcing for Van Hien University have a great influence on the learning of students; help students improve their information search skills, self-study skills as well as other skills; help teachers in terms of preparing lesson plans, reference books for classroom lectures, and scientific research. Currently, most libraries across the country have their own libraries, but the way they are organized and managed is in the style of a bookstore; along with the explosion of information technology, leading to the birth of various forms of presentation and transmission of information and knowledge in a multi-media manner; Readers can easily access knowledge in an active and flexible way, making the traditional form of library organization fought not attractive to readers; E-library is considered as an effective solution in the organization and management of libraries and digital resources; The delivery of new and innovative services through digitization projects is transforming libraries into a virtual library model, allowing for more value for users, from remote access and retrieval to search. Online index search, bibliographic and abstract mining portals, as well as the ability to deliver full-text resources directly to the user desktop.

Keywords: Electronic Shopping, Global Supply, Library, Van Hien University

Pages: 16-21

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