E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 2, Issue 6, 2022

The Historical Town Tesanj

Author(s): Ahmet Hadrovic


Tesanj is a town and the center of the municipality. It is located about 23 km southwest of Doboj and about 127 km northwest of Sarajevo (Geographical coordinates: 44º36'52.68''N, 17º59'15.93''E, elevation: 239). Tesanj was first mentioned under its current name in 1461 in the Charter by which King Stjepan Tomasevic (1438-1463) presented the city to his uncle Radivoj. The wider area of the town of Tesanj is known for its abundant deposits of mineral waters that are bottled and marketed there (under the commercial names 'Celvik', 'Oaza', 'Princess', 'Tesanjska vrela-Tesanjski diamant', 'Zema-Tesanjski kiseljak') in Bosnia and Herzegovina and around the world. Other natural resources include forests, arable land and pastures. The rich cultural and historical heritage of Tesanj consists of: the medieval Old Town-fortress, Gazi Ferhad-beg's mosque (Charsijska or Sukija mosque) mosque, the Clock tower and the old Eminagica house ('konak'). Today's Tesanj city is known for its strong entrepreneurship in various economic branches.

The aim of this paper is a 'study on sustainability' on the concrete example of a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Keywords: Tesanj, The Tesanj Old Town-Fortress, Water, Sustainability

Pages: 277-285

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