E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2023

Channels of Distribution in Malaysian Organic Durian: Case Study Approach

Author(s): Suhana Safari, Nur Azlin Razali, Theeba Manickam, Haryati Mansor, Rozita Yusof


Durian consumption is centred on the Asian market given the dominating growth of the commodity in the region. Due to the consistent and substantial demand for durians yearly, the use of excessive and non-permitted pesticides in farming practices and artificial chemical ripening agents to promote maturity for doubling up the yield has become a major concern in food safety. Over the long term, extensive and indiscriminate use could negatively affect both environment and human health. The National Agricultural Policies (NAPs) in Malaysia (NAP-1and NAP-2) emphasise organic agriculture, which is considered safe for human consumption and protects the environment. Malaysian Agriculture Research and Development Institute (MARDI) has been entrusted to develop a durian cultivation package using organic farming practices, as one of the high-value tropical fruit commodities. Therefore, this case study analyses the market information and its distribution and identifies issues and challenges mainly in the production and marketing aspects. Data were collected using an in-depth interview involving major industry players (i.e., farmers, wholesalers, and retailers). Currently, only six farms are classified as organic and certified through the myOrganic certificate in 2021 with the majority of organic durian farms being micro-to-small-scale. All data were analysed using content analysis. The majority of the marketing chain of organic durian in Malaysia involves a less-complex chain, so-called Zero-Level or Direct channel (production-to-final consumption), and only a respondent applied One-Level marketing channels (Production to retailing to final consumption). Organic durian is segmented as a premium and niche market as product attributes are claimed to be safer and entitled to offer higher market prices than non-organic. However, the organic durian market remains extremely limited compared to organic vegetables. This study provides preliminary supply chain information to be used as a basis for further research on organic durian targeting the export market.

Keywords: Marketing, Malaysian Tropical Supply Chain, High-Value Crop, Organic Fruit, Organic Durian

Pages: 347-352

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