E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 3, 2023

Statistics for Teachers' Action Research (STAR) Module: A Developmental Study

Author(s): Jacqueline P Celiz, Roberto G Sagge Jr, Salvador P Bacio Jr


Action research is commonly used by practitioners and education specialists to evaluate and enhance their pedagogy and practice. This type 1 developmental research aimed to develop instructional material that could help teachers conduct action research. The method entailed using the Missouri Historical Society's (2003) [28] document analysis guide to analyze previously published research regarding difficulties teachers faced while doing action research. Next, design and development of Statistics for Teachers' Action Research (STAR) module. Lastly, 30 teachers and 5 experts evaluate the adherence of STAR module to the elements of curriculum dimensions, namely, balance, articulation, scope, integration, continuity, and sequence using the instrument developed by Sagge and Bacio (2022) [10]. According to the findings, one of the challenges that instructors faced when doing action research was a lack of proficiency in statistical data analysis. The STAR module was created and one of its special features is that it contains screenshots of the step-by-step process of performing statistical computations in SPSS. Moreover, teachers and experts gave a “very high” adherence suggesting that the STAR module was highly approved by the evaluators, and no revisions were needed. Thus, STAR module is a material on which teachers can rely in terms of statistical data analysis to decrease the burden of doing educational and action research. Teachers can use this as a guide during their statistical data analysis. Other math instructors may utilize the research's output as instructional material, and it is recommended that its effectiveness be further evaluated.

Keywords: Statistics, Action Research, Module, Document Analysis, Curriculum Design

Pages: 31-38

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